Wood Truss Construction and Fire Performance Educational Program

The Carbeck Structural Components Institute's (CSCI) Wood Truss Construction and Fire Performance education program provides firefighters with information needed to more safely fight fires in buildings constructed with wood trusses. Addressing the facts surrounding the performance of metal plate connected wood trusses when fire strikes, the program is comprised of more than 20 educational modules divided into short 5-10 minute segments. Modules cover topics including an introduction to wood trusses, fire performance of wood trusses and information for firefighters.

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Improving Fire Safety by Understanding the Fire Performance of Engineered Floor Systems and Providing the Fire Service with Information for Tactical Decision Making

This report discusses "Preventing Deaths and Injuries of Fire Fighters using Risk Management Principles at Structure Fires."

Fire Safety of Wood Buildings is not on Trial!
See the Canadian Wood Council's documents on Wood Points and the Fire Safety of Wood Buildings.

Carbeck Featured in U.S. Fire Administration's Virtual Lamp Post
On June 29, 2010, this electronic newsletter from the U.S. Fire Administration covered Carbeck and its Wood Truss Construction and Fire Performance education program. [LEARN MORE]

Time to Check Your Smoke Alarms
When setting clocks to Daylight Saving Time, remember to check your smoke alarms. [READ ARTICLE]

U.S. Fire Administrator Recognizes Women Firefighters
The U.S. Fire Administrator honors the women serving their communities as firefighters and emergency medical technicians. [READ PRESS RELEASE]

The International Fire Chiefs Association’s 2009 Fire/EMS Safety, Health and Survival Information
Protect Yourself: Your Safety, Health and Survival Are Your Responsibility encourages chiefs and fire/EMS personnel to focus on what they personally can do to manage risk and enhance their health and safety. This year’s theme reflects the need for personal responsibility and accountability within a strong safety culture. [READ ARTICLE]

Focus on Fire Safety: Smoke Alarms
In the event of a fire, a properly installed and maintained smoke alarm can save your life and those of your loved ones. Smoke alarms are a very important means of preventing home fire fatalities by providing an early warning signal so you and your family can escape. Learn more about smoke alarms in this focus on fire safety. [READ ARTICLE]

A Study of Metal Truss Plate Connectors When Exposed to Fire
by K.A. Harman and J.R. Lawson of the National Institute of Standards & Technology:

In an attempt to determine the performance of metal plate wood truss connections during fire exposures, NIST conducted a series of twelve instrumented tests exposing one side of the test specimen to the thermal exposure. Results from these tests suggest that the metal plates help to protect the wood beneath the plates. However, additional work is required to produce more detailed information.

Ad Hoc Demonstration Fire – Sheathed Unprotected Floor System:
A burn demonstration of a sheathed, unprotected floor assembly was conducted in Colonie, NY at the request of the New York State Building Officials Conference. This presentation provides complete coverage of the demonstration, including design and setup, video and photos of two burns, and analysis of the results. [VIEW COURSES]

"It's time for the fire service to make peace with an old nemesis." (FireRescue Magazine - 2004):
Trusses are strong, efficient, reliable, predictable, and, once you get to know them, pretty cool. For too long the fire service has vilified this structural engineering marvel. In this article you’ll get to know the truss—up close and personal. [READ ARTICLE]

finger-jointed truss

Fire Performance of Finger Joints
The latest information on finger-jointed trusses, a.k.a. gusset-less trusses, is available here.

Additional Fire Service Resources
SBCA's Fire Service Resource page offers a host of materials on the structural building components industry and the fire performance of metal plate connected wood trusses.

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